My Plan for Norwich

David Thomas, former Norwich headteacher and now Conservative Parliamentary candidate, has launched his plan for a better Norwich.

David's plan focuses on social mobility and creating a better future for the next generation.

There have already been huge improvements in children's life chances in Norwich over the past fourteen years. Since 2010, England has become the "best in the west" at reading and has risen from 27th in the world to 11th.

David's plan commits to building on this success, and improving the economy so that young people can move into a thriving labour market. By improving transport and tackling unnecessary regulation, David will grow the Norwich economy to provide more opportunities for young people to find good jobs in and around the city.

Housing is another key plank of David's plan. Rates of homeownership amongst under 35s plummetted between 2000 and 2010, and have yet to recover. David is committed to more housebuilding. Too many politicians oppose development in order to get votes, despite knowing the plight of young people trying to get onto the housing ladder. David will not follow this trend.

Residents are invited to contact David and Norwich Conservatives to share their thoughts and feedback on their plan.

My Plan for Norwich

  • Boost the Norwich economy

    There is huge potential for economic growth in Norwich, and it’s economic growth that will fund improvement in public services and increase social mobility. We have two great universities, a world class research park, and a vibrant city where people want to live.

  • Make education even better

    There has been huge improvement in Norwich schools over the past fourteen years. Under this government England has climbed the international league tables and is now the best in the western world.

  • Build homes for the next generation

    Children growing up in Norwich today should be able to afford to raise their own families here in the future. Students coming here to study should be able to afford to stay and launch their adult lives here.

  • Create the transport links we need

    Transport drives the economy and improves quality of life. That's why Conservative governments dualled the A11, brought in "Norwich in 90", and introduced electric buses with capped £2 fares.

  • Restore pride in the city centre

    Norwich is a fine city with a great history. We should be a major tourist destination for visitors from across the world, and the commercial hub for people across Norfolk.

  • Ensure access to health and dental care

    Between 2020-23 we hired 13% more doctors and 11% more nurses in to the NHS. That's 15,000 doctors and 34,000 nurses. We need to make sure people in Norwich feel the benefit.